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Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman -  Summer 2015 – Present

  • Hololens development for an experimental training projects using Unity with C# and Vuforia

  • Project lead on large web application for real-time user collaboration, featuring custom cutting-edge UI/UX using WebGL, Angular and NodeJS which helped win future 200 million dollar government contract. 

  • Build custom training software and innovative web-application prototypes for customers.

  • Build training games and sims using Unity and C#

Tools:  C#, Unity, WebGL, Angular, Node, Meteor, Mongo, Neo4j, MySQL, Python, Git

Technical Manager,  Social Media Work Group - UNM School of Art and Art History - Fall 2010 – Present

  • Program and construct public art installations focusing on Innovation, Interactivity and Sustainability displayed at COP21, SIGGRAPH Asia 2014, ISEA2013,  ISEA2012, and in cities such as Paris, Zagreb, Hong Kong, and others.

  • Leverage new and diverse technologies to create robust and reusable project platforms.

  • Present and teach at K-12 science academies and camps to get students interested in art, science, and technology.

  • Manager duties include overseeing project components, facilitating other group members’ tasks and needs, and mentoring student members.

Tools: C/C++, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Processing,  Android, OpenGL, OpenCV, Node JS, Git


Student Laboratory Assistant, UNM Health Sciences Center - Summer 2013 – Summer 2014

  • Model, UV map, texture, rig, animate, and render technically accurate 3D animations for education, including topics such as Cellular Biology, and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy.

Tools:  Modo, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Imaris, Blender, Gimp 



VFX Intern, Pivot VFX  -  Jan 2012 – May 2012

  • Texture, light, and composite shots for amusement park ride films.

  • Convert shot composites for client workflow, from Nuke to AfterEffects.

Tools:  Modo, Maya, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Nuke, SVN 


BS, Computer Science, with Minor in Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media,  May 2015University of New Mexico (UNM) 



PRP Award - Northrop Grumman - Dec 2016

Employee Performance Award for significant contributions on Hololens projects. 

ILM Art Challenge - Survivor - July 2016

Completed all three stages of Industrial Light and Magic’s concept art challenge on Artstaion.

Placed in the top 200 finalists out of 3,800 entrants.


                       =Notable Projects=

Snowday  -  Breachgate - November 2016
Indie VR game currently in Early Access on Steam. Players battle by throwing snowballs in PvP and PvE modes

  • -Particle Effects,  AI, and some Shaders, Modeling and UV mapping. 

  • -Unreal 4, Modo, Photoshop


Hololens Manufacturing Prototype   -  Northrop Grumman  - October 2016 

Holographic application to demonstrate augmented manufacturing possibilities.  Guides and assists a user through the assembly process of aerospace equipment using innovative UI/UX features, including real time object tracking and photo logging. 

  • All programming and development

  • Unity, C#, HololensSDK,VuforiaSDK

Energy Flow  -  Riverlife and Social Media Workgroup - November 2016

A massive animated public art light Installation featured on the Rachel Carson bridge in Pittsburgh PA for the bicentennial celebration, using 64 foot led strips controlled by 53 networked raspberry pies and 52 Arduinos. Viewed by over 150,000 people each day.

  • All Animation Programming and Network code.

  • NodeJS, ExpressJS, Javascript


Alloy  -  UNM Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media Capstone Project - 2012

RTS PC game where players build robot armies from collecting scrap.

  • Director of 30 person student team

  • Implement and document pipeline and establish design standards for artists and engineers

  • Program gameplay, model, texture, rig, and animate characters.

  • Promote positive group morale and mentor younger students. 

BSG Fleet Commander  -  Homeworld 2 Mod   ~2006 - 2011

Battlestar Galactica total conversion mod for Homeworld 2 with a 25+ online international team and over 300,000+ total download over it’s lifetime.

  • model/texture assets, script game levels 

  • document tutorials, mod tools and conversion software 

  • provide technical support in forums and mentor new members